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A tiled Community Courtyard with a soaring dome welcomes guests to the Museum, its walls lined with exhibits on the history, arts and scientific achievements of the Arab world in past time. The Second Floor houses our Core Galleries that are designed for guests to explore and learn about Arab immigration to America, Arab American life and the contributions Arab Americans have made over time. An interactive map of North Africa and South West Asia highlighting the 22 Arab countries serves as a segue between the Courtyard and Second Floor, and art from our collection is on view in the Lower Level Gallery.

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Lower Level Gallery

AANM is proud to present art from our core collection in this gallery on a rotating basis. Artists of Arab descent work in all mediums and cover a wide range of subject matter. Our continuously growing collection reflects this wonderful diversity. View selections from the Museum’s art collection


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About Arab Americans

The Arab American community is vibrant and diverse and has positively impacted American society. Arab Americans have served in all levels of government; written highly celebrated books; produced compelling movies and other media; invented life-saving medical tools and procedures; served in high-ranking military roles; founded global businesses; won major sports championships; and have served their local communities as teachers, lawyers, factory workers, restaurateurs and medical professionals. 

The term Arab American refers to anyone living in the United States with ancestry in any of the 22 Arab countries. Arab Americans began immigrating to the United States in large numbers in the 1880s, mainly due to economic factors. Today, Arab immigration is still driven by economic factors, but also war and political upheaval. The total population of Arab Americans is between 2 and 3.6 million.

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