Our Staff

Diana Abouali
Diana Abouali

dabouali “at” accesscommunity.org

Jumana Salamey
Deputy Director

jsalamey “at” accesscommunity.org

Maysam Seif
Executive Assistant
mseif “at” accesscommunity.org

Elizabeth Barrett-Sullivan
Curator of Exhibits
ebarrett “at” accesscommunity.org

Dean Nasreddine
Curatorial Specialist
dnasreddine “at” accesscommunity.org

Dave Serio
Curator of Education
dserio “at” accesscommunity.org

Sara Alqaragholy
salqaragholy “at” accesscommunity.org

Dunia Zawideh
dzawideh “at” accesscommunity.org

Fatima Al-Rasool
Public Programming Coordinator
fal-rasool “at” accesscommunity.org

Jad Sharara
Community Events Organizer
jsharara “at” accesscommunity.org

Zahraa “Zaza” Saad
Development Officer
zsaad “at” accesscommunity.org

Matthew Jaber Stiffler
Director of the Center for Arab Narratives
mstiffler “at” accesscommunity.org

Andrea Sakleh
Research Specialist of the Center for Arab Narratives
asakleh “at” accesscommunity.org

Kyle Wynter-Stoner
Leading Edge Fellow at the Center for Arab Narratives
kwynter-stoner “at” accesscommunity.org

Belquis Elhadi
Research Specialist
belhadi “at” accesscommunity.org

Rima Zalghout
rzalghout “at” accesscommunity.org

Shatha Najim
Community Historian
snajim2 “at” accesscommunity.org

George Harb
Community Historian
gharb “at” accesscommunity.org

Lujine Nasralla
Communications Specialist
lnasralla “at” accesscommunity.org

Jacob Ermete
Multimedia Specialist
jermete “at” accesscommunity.org

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