Our Staff

Diana Abouali
Diana Abouali

dabouali “at” accesscommunity.org

Jumana Salamey
Deputy Director

jsalamey “at” accesscommunity.org

Elizabeth Barrett-Sullivan
Curator of Exhibits
ebarrett “at” accesscommunity.org

Crystal McColl
Curatorial Specialist
cmccoll “at” accesscommunity.org

Kathryn Grabowski
Curator of Public Programming
kgrabowski “at” accesscommunity.org

Dave Serio
Educator & Public Programming Specialist
dserio “at” accesscommunity.org

Fatima Al-Rasool
Public Programming Representative
fal-rasool “at” accesscommunity.org

Matthew Jaber Stiffler
Research & Content Manager
mstiffler “at” accesscommunity.org

Kaitlyn Akel
Research Specialist
kakel “at” accesscommunity.org

Saba Al-Hachami
sal-hachami “at” accesscommunity.org

Ayah Krisht
Media Design Manager
akrisht “at” accesscommunity.org

Lujine Nasralla
Communications Specialist
lnasralla “at” accesscommunity.org

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