AANM offers high-quality educational and culturally enriching guided tours of our exhibitions. Guided tours provide groups with uniquely engaging lessons on Arab American history, art and culture. We aim to tell visitors the diverse stories of Arab Americans and insert them into the larger context of American history. In addition to guided tours, AANM offers a wide array of programming including presentations, cultural competency workshops, film and discussions, lunch, hands-on learning and other cultural and art-based activities. We aim to be as flexible as possible when creating your educational experience, and welcome all individuals interested in a guided tour or any other educational programming.

All AANM educational programs are designed in accordance with the Michigan Department of Education’s K-12 grade level content expectation standards in Social Studies, English & Language Arts and World Languages.

Guided Tour Fees:

$5 per person for students/seniors

$10 per person for adults and professionals

Activities, lunch and other educational and cultural programs may be added for additional costs.



For any questions about guided and group tours, please contact Dave Serio, Educator & Public Programming Specialist, at dserio “at”

Tours, immersive cultural activities and presentations are tailored for groups of all ages:

Elementary School

Middle and High School


General Public

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