Al-Hadiqa: AANM Heritage Garden

Gardening is an ancestral practice throughout the Arab world. It is passed down from generation to generation and continues to survive across oceans. Arabs have always found ways to root, grow and sustain life regardless of the soil on which they stand. We are excited to welcome you to Al-Hadiqa: AANM Heritage Garden where we strive to honor, celebrate and showcase the stories behind the community’s planting practices.

From the beginning, we imagined this garden as a place that centers the Arab American experience. We partnered with the local East Dearborn community and Garden Juju Collective to develop the design and stories in this space. Many of the seeds and plants growing in the garden were donated by the local gardeners featured in Al-Hadiqa. By incorporating a combination of native Michigan plants as well as those found across the Arab world, this garden stands as a representation of a uniquely Dearborn and Detroit-based Arab diaspora. Just as every living thing grows and changes over time, we look forward to seeing this garden bloom over the next several years. Al-Hadiqa will open on June 8! Join us for the opening and select Fridays throughout the summer for Rooftop Rendezvous to witness the garden grow and bloom.

Interested in volunteering with us? Fill out the Volunteer Form below and be sure to indicate interest in/check the box for “Rooftop Heritage Garden” wherever possible.

Upcoming Al-Hadiqa Events

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