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The Arab American National Museum sees itself as a resource for enhancing the understanding of Arab American history, arts, culture and contributions. The Museum creates and promotes educational content for use by teachers both locally and nationally. For more information, please contact Dave Serio, Educator & Public Programming Specialist, at dserio “at”

Virtual Tours

AANM is pleased to launch full virtual tours for educators. These virtual tours are divided into three major pieces that correspond with the below Core Galleries:

  • Coming to America: This tour section offers a look into the lives and stories of individuals and families who migrated from one of the Arab countries and made their way to the U.S. Explores themes of immigration, storytelling, the role of governments in the movement of people, identity and the idea of home.
  • Living In America: This tour section looks at the lives of Arab Americans through the lenses of culture, youth and debunking stereotypes. Explores themes of culture, hospitality, stereotypes, entrepreneurship, youth and identity.
  • Making An Impact: This tour section looks into Arab Americans who have made an impact on American society and made positive contributions to our country and the world. Explores themes of identity and positive representation.

These interactive and educational digital experiences give educators a first-class look into our exhibits and provide a wide range of tools for both the educator and their students, to bring a full, enriching experience to classrooms near and far.

Each virtual tour is a complete experience, including access to:

  • A guided tour of AANM’s three Core Galleries
  • Pre-Teaching exercises
  • Interactive, educational and creative activities and lessons for students
  • Video, audio and literary resources for the classroom
  • Quiz template and answer key
  • AANM’s digital objects and archive
  • AANM Lesson Plans, which follow the Michigan Department of Education’s K-12 grade level content expectation standards in Social Studies, English & Language Arts and World Languages.
Additional Resources
  • In many instances, lesson plans often don’t share the experiences and educational component of different groups, including Arab Americans. AANM offers a variety of lesson plans for educators to utilize, that educate classrooms about Arab Americans without excluding the story and history of other communities.
  • All AANM lesson plans are linked with the Michigan Department of Education’s K-12 grade level content expectation standards in Social Studies, English & Language Arts and World Languages.

AANM Lesson Plans

Created in conjunction with Ann Arbor public school teachers and AANM, this Culture Box is available to educators for free. The box includes interactive and educational items including musical instruments, literature and more.

AANM invites educators from far and wide to attend one of our Educator Open House sessions. Here, educators in all fields will get a glimpse into the educational offerings of AANM and resources that can be used in their classroom.  

  • AANM offers professional development opportunities for educators of all backgrounds. Spanning the course of a day or two, educators will have the opportunity to learn about the Arab American community’s history and culture through a series of workshops, panel discussions, arts and cultural programming and much more.
  • Workshops allow educators to obtain unique AANM lesson plans along with cultural and educational knowledge on Arab Americans, have a safe space for questions and dialogue with experts in the field and discover useful resources to use in the classroom.

Explore virtual versions of AANM’s Core Galleries: Contributions From the Arab World, Coming to America, Living in America and Making an Impact.

Core Galleries

These family stories are created in the Community History Studio at AANM. Participants can use the studio to scan copies of photos and documents, record audio and combine their words and images in a digital scrapbook.

Watch Digital Scrapbooks

Written by acclaimed author and researcher Randa Kayyali with AANM, this introductory-level, 52-page book offers an overview of Arab American immigration history, including the recent influx of immigrants, and touches on the themes of religion, cultural traditions and the impact of media stereotyping. It includes graphs, maps and historical images of the Arab American community, many never before published.

Made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services

This traveling exhibition is comprised of eight retractable banners that highlight the exhibitions of the Arab American National Museum and is available for educators to use in their classrooms. Through this traveling exhibition, individuals will explore the history, culture and contributions of Arab Americans.  Book this exhibition

For more information or questions please contact Dave Serio, Educator & Public Programming Specialist, at dserio “at”

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