The Map Is Not The Territory: Parallel Paths — Palestinians, Native Americans, Irish

Image: Passports to Exile by Najib Joe Hakim (detail)

Jan. 23 – May 15, 2016
Lower Level Gallery


This exhibition examines relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American and Irish experiences of invasion, occupation and colonization—not as novelty or polemic, but as history and current events. Although many peoples worldwide have suffered long and brutal intrusions, these three groups have intersected for centuries in specific and often unusual ways. Thirty-nine contemporary artists—most of them Palestinian, Native American or Irish—confront history, investigate personal and political dialogue, and present vibrant and penetrating narratives that reflect the multiple truths in philosopher/scientist Alfred Korzybski’s dictum that “the map is not the territory.”

6+: A Women’s Art Collective • Michele Horrigan • Nadema Agard • Andrew Ellis Johnson • Norman Aker • Michael Keating • Fatin Al-Tamimi & Lisamarie Johnson • Tom Quinn Kumpf • Neal Ambrose-Smith • Jane McMahan • Rawan Arar • Alan Montgomery • Scott Benesiinaabandan • Malaquias Montoya • Claudia Borgna • Mick O’Kelly • Rajie Cook • Vivien Sansour • Wahsontiio Cross • Donna Schindler • Manal Deeb • Susanne Slavick • Rita Duffy • Jaune Quick-To-See Smith • Matthew Egan • Mary Tuma • Mona El-Bayoumi • Kerry Vander Meer • Michael Elizondo, Jr. • Sherry Wiggins • Najat El-Taji El-Khairy • Melanie Yazzie • Elena Farsakh • Helen Zughaib • Najib Joe Hakim • Phoebe Farris • John Halaka • Rula Halawani • Hani Zurob

Watch a 30-min. Electronic Intifada interview with artists from the exhibition.

This exhibition was conceived by Jennifer Heath (Baksun Books & Arts for Social and Environmental Justice) and co-curated by Dagmar Painter (The Jerusalem Fund Gallery Al-Quds).

  • January 23, 2016 - May 15, 2016