Our Plantcestors Re-member Us: 2-Part Workshop w/ Layla Feghali & Sa’rah Farahat

1-3 p.m. ET Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023 AND Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023
Our Plantcestors Re-member Us: 2-Part Workshop w/ Layla Feghali & Sa’rah Farahat

In-person at AANM
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$20 Museum Members
$25 General Public

This is a 2-part workshop for the SWANA community in conjunction with Sa’rah Farahat’s residency at AANM. Participants will engage in embodied learning about our ancestral plants and their uses as medicinal, cultural and spiritual allies. We are excited to welcome practitioner Layla Feghali (zooming in from her home in Lebanon) and host/facilitator Sa’rah Farahat to the Museum.

Each participant will receive a mystery bottle of this regional plant medicine to work with through the course of our time together. In this 2-part workshop, participants will build experiential relationships with plants, relearn how to “listen” to the earth and the wisdom of our bodies, and learn ethnobotanical uses of this plant in a supportive collective container.

Our plantcestors are agents of consciousness, story and memory. Ancestral plants carry the DNA of our homelands, of our ancestors, and resonate this memory with the truths that live deep inside our own bodies and hearts. We will work with this relationship to access deeply held wisdom, revitalize lost bodies of knowledge, and re-establish relationship to ourselves, our ancestors and homelands. We will cultivate practices that allow us to harness the resilience and medicine available through being in conscious relationship with one ancestral plant.

For more questions, e-mail Fatima Al-Rasool at [email protected]

Layla K. Feghali is a cultural worker and folk herbalist who lives between her ancestral village in Lebanon, and California, where she was raised. Feghali’s work is about restoring relationships to earth-based ancestral wisdom as an avenue towards eco-cultural stewardship, healing, and liberation. Feghali’s methods emphasize plants of place and lineage – our “plantcestors”. Her company, River Rose Re-membrance, features a line of plantcestral medicine, education, and other culturally-rooted offerings. It also hosts the Ancestral HUB, an online space for the cross-pollination of ancestral knowledge across diasporic and home communities from Southwest Asia and North Africa. You can learn more about her work at www.RiverRoseRemembrance.com or on Instagram @RiverRoseRemembrance.


Sa’rah Farahat is the August/September artist-in-residence at AANM. Her work blows seeds between cultural work, healing arts, activism and the more-than-human world. Her cross-pollinations led her to study with Layla Feghali during the beginning of the pandemic and the re-membering continues.  Her garden and kitchen are full of flowers and herbs from Turtle Island and from her SWANA homelands.  As a nomadic child of diaspora, Farahat plants portals through taste, smell, and sound while continually attempting to live in reciprocity with the land wherever she creates home. Follow her on Instagram @ankh.inkh.studios


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  • September 2, 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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