Arab Film Series – June Pride: AFMI’s Queer Lens

Films available 12 a.m. ET Friday, June 24 to 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, June 26
Arab Film Series – June Pride: AFMI’s Queer Lens

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June’s Arab Film Series celebrates Pride Month with AFMI’s award-winning Queer Lens program from the 23rd Arab Film Festival. This showcase of LGBTQ+ works stands proud in bridging the gap of representation per specific facets of the underrepresented queer Arab experience so often ignored by the mainstream. By virtue of this program we aim to celebrate the multi-dimensional formations of Arab queerness in lieu of stories that so urgently need to be told, especially in today’s polarized media climate that leaves issues of visibility lost in the haze, or, worse: cast in a one-size-fits-all “Western Queer Narrative” that ignores the many complexities and nuances faced by LGBTQ+ persons in the Arab World and beyond, including Arab Americans and Muslims.

The program is comprised of four short films, including Brothers (dir. Mike Mosallam, 2018); Son of a Dancer (dir. Georges Hazim, 2018); Dearborn Ash (dir. Hena Ashraf, 2018) and Marco (dir. Saleem Haddad, 2019).

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