Locating the Unknown

June 24-August 5, 2019

Second Floor Atrium

Free with Museum admission 

Artist/designer Qais Assali is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. His art students worked with artists and designers at the Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art to collaborate on the series of postcards shown in this exhibition. Their artistic and unaddressed postcards reflect a state of being from no particular place, and play on the many ideas of what borders signify. 

Visitors are encouraged to take a postcard and participate in taking the work further into the world.

Abdallah Ghassan, Ally Beshouri, Alyeea Turner, Areej Ashhab, Aryeh DW, Ashley Miller, Jaime Davidson, Joan Bambery, Lauren Mirecki, Lubna Araj, Mahdi Baraghithi, May Marei, Mehrdad Sedaghat, Michael Jabreen, Salem Shoubaki, Noora Said, Safaa Khatib, Tala Zeitawi

Asem Naser, Deborah Margolis, Qais Assali 

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