Weaving Worlds

7-9 p.m Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019 @ AANM

FREE with RSVP (ages 16+)

Handwoven rugs and sci-fi/fantasy texts contain worlds, telling stories that reveal the utopian, reference the past and engage the imagination. In this workshop led by AANM artist-in-residence Levon Kafafian, explore the relation between the crafts of weaving and creative writing, and develop your own rug design and the beginnings of a short form story or poem.

No weaving or writing experience necessary.

Photo credit: Samantha Otto

Levon Kafafian creates tactile and sensory works on the threshold of transition, applying the process of weaving beyond thread into visual, performative and social practice. Kafafian practices in the Detroit community through the use of textile craft, ancestral lifeways and magical experience.

Throughout Sept.-Oct. 2019, Levon Kafafian will be a resident artist of AANM's Artists+Residents program. They will be using AANM’s historical archives to research ways of life across Southwest Asia during the late Ottoman era in conjunction with AANM’s library to research future-facing narratives for a new graphic novel, Portal Fire. The novel tells the story of an orphan named Maro, their journey through old prophecies and the team of archaeologists who begin excavating remnants of Maro’s city 1,000 years later. Portal Fire is a story born of a desire to see future-facing/speculative narratives and queer representation in graphic arts media depicting Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) cultures outside of an Orientalist lens. 

Kafafian's residency will also result in an exhibition as part of AANM's Fall/Winter Pop-up series. The opening line to the quintessential Armenian folktale, Once There Was and Once There Was Not will be an invitation into the speculative past, the incredibility of reality and the fantastic within the mundane. Questions of cross-cultural coexistence and exchange, blurred boundaries and false borders emerge in an immersive scene taken from the pages of Kafafian's forthcoming Portal Fire. Objects, sound and installation create a glimpse into an imagined world between a magical past and a technological future. 

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