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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Museum Receives Conservation Bookshelf

The Museum has just received word that it has been awarded the Connecting to Collections Bookshelf resources. This is a core set of conservation books and online resources designed to help museums preserve the condition of their collections. The Bookshelf was awarded to the Museum by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), as part of the third and final round of a competitive application process. IMLS has thus far donated 1,800 Bookshelf sets to museums, libraries and archives throughout the nation.

The bookshelf is comprised of a core collection which includes such works as Marie Malaro's A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections and Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums, edited by G.E. Gorman and Sydney J. Shep. The Museum will also receive resources concerning the care of prints and drawings, the archival care and management of photography collections, the ethics of collecting, collections management and planning, and emergency preparedness, among other topics.

The IMLS Bookshelf is a component of Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action, a conservation initiative IMLS launched in 2006. IMLS began this initiative in response to a 2005 study entitled A Public Trust at Risk: The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America's Collections. That study highlighted the conservation needs of America's collections, especially those held by smaller institutions.

The Museum is looking forward to receiving these resources, and we are sure they will prove valuable for collections care and management in the future.


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