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The Arab American National Museum collects, documents, and preserves objects that help illustrate the Arab American experience.  Our permanent collection includes: art, three-dimensional artifacts, documents, personal papers, and photographs that were created by, owned, primarily used by, or that illustrate the Arab American experience.  Almost all of the objects in the permanent collection have entered or will enter the collection through the generosity of individuals and communities, making the collection truly reflective of the diverse lives and histories of Arab Americans.
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Pictured Above: Trunk, circa 1970.  Ali Abdallah immigrated with this trunk to the United States from Yemen in 1970 and joined his uncle in employment at Sunview Farms in Delano, CA. Gift of Ali Abdallah.

Beaded Shoes

Beaded Shoes.  When Sara Abdalla left Syria with these shoes in 1923 en route to the United States, her journey would lead her to cross the Atlantic three times before reaching her final destination. Gift of Marie and Ollie Abdalla.

Sewing machine, circa 1945. In 1944 Hannah Shakir started a small sportswear factory. This sewing machine is from that store, which closed in 1975. Gift of Evelyn Shakir. Photo credits: ACCESS/Keith Tolman

Sewing Machine
Bobby Rahal Racing Suit Team Rahal racing suit and helmet, 2004.  Gift of Bobby Rahal. In the world of automobile racing, Bobby Rahal has reached the highest levels. Mr. Rahal continued driving Indy cars until 1998, when he retired to concentrate on running his team and developing automobile dealerships in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Hand-stitched Lebanese Flag, circa 1958. Made by Dr. Doumani and flown from his Sno-Cat while traversing the Antarctic continent. Two geographical features in Antarctica have been named for him by the National Board of Geographic Names. They are: Mount Doumani and Doumani Peak. Lebanese Flag
Tureen Soup tureen and matching bowls, 2003.  Such sets are often used, especially throughout Ramadan. Gift of Amina El Aissami.
Portable typewriter. Carried by Helen Thomas early in her career, a tag marked "PRESS" and "TRIP OF THE PRESIDENT" is still tied to the typewriter's handle. On this tag, is written, "Helen Thomas UPI". She was cited by the World Almanac as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in America. Gift of Helen Thomas. Typewriter



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