Curriculum materials available at the Arab American National Museum:

Daily Life of Arab Americans in the 21st Century
Appropriate for high school students
This book documents the key aspects of contemporary Arab American life, including their many contributions to American society. It begins with an overview of the immigrant experience, but focuses primarily on the past decade, examining the political, family, religious, educational, professional, public and artistic aspects of the Arab American experience. Readers will understand how this unique experience is affected by political events both here in America and in the Arab World.
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Arab Americans in Metro Detroit: A Pictorial History
This visual journey explores the history of four generations of Arab Americans in metro Detroit.  It takes readers to the early days that preceded the automobile to modern 21st century Arab America. With more than 180 images, this book portrays the challenges and triumphs of Arabs as they preserve their families, build churches, mosques, restaurants, businesses and institutions, thus contributing to Detroit's efforts in regaining its position as a world-class city.
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Arab World Studies Notebook 
Appropriate for middle and high school students
An anthology of materials on the Arab World and Islam intended for grades 7-12, though many of the materials can be used effectively at the college level.  This includes detailed lesson plans that relate the Arab World and Islam to students' lives. The readings explore cultural puzzles and issues like discrimination and stereotyping that most textbooks only mention briefly, if at all.
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Arab World Mosaic
A curriculum supplement for elementary teachers containing activities, stories and ideas which present the Arab World while exploring human diversity through a broad range of topics that engage the child's imagination. These topics include family, community, plants and animals, holidays and celebrations, and folktales.
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One Hundred Questions About Arab Americans
Appropriate for educators of all levels
A brief overview which discusses the history, language, customs and religions of Arab Americans. This was compiled by the Detroit Free Press to dispel many stereotypes and misinterpretations, and to encourage more accurate journalistic portrayals of Arab Americans.
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Tales from Arab Detroit
Appropriate for middle and high schools
This award-winning documentary video explores the diversity of the Arab American community in the greater Detroit area. The video presents the dilemmas facing the youth of the community as they weave together the traditions of their parents with those of American culture in an effort to forge an identity that is both Arab and American.
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Arab World Posters
Educational posters highlighting the contributions of both Arabs and Arab Americans throughout history. There are 2 posters, one appropriate for elementary school students and the other for middle and high school students.
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Arab World Map
24"x30" wall map highlights all of the nations that comprise the Arab World
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