Oct. 1, 2016 - Jan. 9, 2017

Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration
at the Statue of Liberty National Monument
New York, NY 10004

Before the construction of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the World Trade Center, Manhattan’s lower west side was home to one of the largest and earliest communities of Arab Americans in the nation. Little Syria, NY: An Immigrant Community’s Life & Legacy tells the story of this neighborhood from its beginnings in the late 1800s to its legacy in Brooklyn and beyond.

“I believe that you have inherited from your forefathers an ancient dream, a song, a prophecy, which you can proudly lay as a gift of gratitude upon the lap of America.” – Kahlil Gibran, I Believe in You (to the Americans of Syrian origin) 

AANM’s Little Syria, NY: An Immigrant Community’s Life & Legacy exhibition documents and celebrates the rich history of New York’s first Arab American community. In doing so, it provides a space for reflection and discussion on the presence of Arab Americans throughout society. Further, the exhibition builds community history while serving as a source of pride for all Americans of Arab heritage. The community history that this exhibit presents places the Arab American experience in context with the greater American narrative. A narrative of striving immigrants building new lives and contribution to a new country while cherishing and preserving their cultural heritage.

Travel Information 

The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is a part of the National Parks Service’s Statue of Liberty National Monument and is accessible via ferry service operated by Statue Cruises. For more information on ferry tickets and schedule, click HERE. The ferry fee is the only cost of accessing Ellis Island and viewing the exhibition. 

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The Arab American National Museum wishes to thank the sponsors of Little Syria, NY: An Immigrant Community’s Life & Legacy at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration:


Mr. Michael Farah

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates


Mr. and Mrs. Elias and Annette Aburdene

The Gabriel Company, LLC

In Memory of Nasri G. Jalinos

The Mafoud Family and Damascus Bakery

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Audrey Sahadi and Mr. Robert Sahadi


Bassam and Salam Barazi

In Honor of Mansour and Salwa Elhilow

Mr. Assad Jebara

Moroccan American Cultural Center

Ned B. Stonbely Family


Mr. Amer Bisat

Mrs. Inea Bushnaq Engler

National Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs


Mr. and Mrs. Nofal and Elisabeth Barbar

Mr. Monir Barakat

Dr. Alexander Khandji

Mrs. Helen Samhan

This exhibition was researched, developed and produced by the Arab American National Museum. 

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