In Times of War: Her Untold Story

In Times of War Postcard

War affects the lives of everyone.  History, however, tends to shed light on the stories of the men who fought on the battlefield while overlooking those of women.  Spanning generations and continents, this exhibition explores the poignant accounts of nine women who have experience war in their own unique way.  Each woman’s recollection provides a rich description of her experiences in times of conflict.  Collectively, this exhibit portrays the many roles that women have played during wartime. 

This exhibit has served as a mentoring project between university professors, local Arab American women and fifteen female students.  Initially, the students met with local university professors to learn about the methodology for conducting oral histories.  After a series of four lectures, the students paired off and met with nine women whose lives have been directly, or indirectly, affected by the threat of conflict.  Ultimately, this project has served as a means for women to express themselves with their own voices.  This is their story.

This project is funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services by an Act of Congress, in accordance with the FY 2005 Consolidated Appropriations Bill; The Wallace Foundation; and the Michigan Humanities Council.

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